Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hard Talk

"The European used to called us the lazy Malays, incompetent Malays, untrustworthy Malays, we couldn't say a thing about you. So when I was in position to say what we think about you, I say it. And you don't like it. And when you said it to us, you expect us to like it? We don't like it but we have no way making our voices heard..."

"Democracy is not the system that can't feed everybody. The great civilization of the past did not have democracies and yet they became great..."

"Why should I be quiet when they are doing something that is wrong to my country?"

 - Tun Dr Mahathir  Mohamad-

Important values and attitudes

Push very hard to succeed in foreign land. Do or die.
- Lee Kuan Yew-